Now accepting applications for Fall 2020, deadline Dec 15. Questions can be directed to Dr. Gideon Caplovitz, director of CBS (

Congratulations to the Berryhill, Caplovitz, and Snow labs, which have together been awarded two NSF grants as part of the multi-institution collaborative EPSCoR program.

Congratulations to the Snow lab, which has been awarded a 5-year R01 grant by the NIH to study real-world object perception and cognition.

The CBS program welcomes new faculty member Dr. Sarah Haigh.

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  • Gideon P. Caplovitz

    Associate Professor

    Director, Cognitive and Brain Sciences Program

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    (775) 682-8673

  • Jacqueline C. Snow

    Associate Professor

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    (775) 682-8688

  • Lars Strother

    Assistant Professor

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    (775) 384-7109

  • Fang Jiang

    Assistant Professor

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    (775) 784-6828

  • Paul MacNeilage

    Assistant Professor

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